Pricing Sheet

The menu is a mix of French regional cuisines, and the menu changes with the seasons.
Be sure to ask about the daily specials!


Package A
Great for large events/festivals
Facilitates most music acts

Package B
Covers medium events
Facilitates medium music acts

Package C
Covers small/medium events
Facilitates small music acts

Package D
2 Speakers and a subwoofer
Great for receptions and parties

Package E
Single column speaker
Announcements/Background Music

Please have a look at our list of add-ons below to put together the perfect package for your event.


Chicken cooked in Riesling with onions, mushrooms and herbs

Traditional Provençal fish stew, with shrimp, mussels, clams and monkfi
$500 – Packages A, B
$350 – Packages C, D, E

Quick In and Quick Out
Pan-fried sole in butter and served with brown butter sauce, parsley
$700 – Packages A, B
$575 – Packages C, D, E

Disc Jockey (DJ)
60 days aged rib steak, pepper sauce, fondant potatoes

Customer Pick-Up
Roasted duck breast with crispy skin and velvety citrus sauce


Wireless LAV Microphone

Wireless Handheld Microphone

Additional Wired Microphones

Additional Speakers

Stage Lights

Additional Subwoofers

Projector and Screen

Battery Powered Speakers


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